We are looking for people to submit articles about movie reviews, fight events, and martial arts stars biographies to build the world’s most comprehensive article resource on martial arts. So if you have a burning desire to share your writing talent and passion about the latest movie release or fight event or even your favourite star, style or fighter then get involved. (While we will do our best to put all the good articles up on site, please do not be offended if your article is not published online. By submitting your article you provide Martial Arts Networks Ltd will full control and ownership to use and edit your article in any way).

Street Teams

We are always looking for people who we can help actively spread the word about Martial Arts TV in their own community. In return we will keep you ahead of the curve on the latest news about what we’re up to, with free goodies every once in a while including free mags, events passes, free posters, and product samples. Effectively you will be our eyes, ears and mouths on the streets.

Sell yourself in 50 words or less in total, telling us your name, your age, your highest education level, relevant martial arts experience and a little about your personality. We are currently looking for people over 16 years of age only. (Sorry if we can’t get round to responding to all of you, successful respondents only will be replied to.)

Work Experience

We are putting in place work experience schemes for current University students (any discipline) who would like to work across a multi functional role in a dynamic, young and growing company based in London. You will get to learn about TV broadcasting, retail operations, mobile operations, websites, marketing, advertising, programming, production, and acquisitions – all in the martial arts sphere.

Travel & food expenses only will be provided. We can only offer 6 placements a year, 2 at Easter and 4 in the Summer. Please provide a full 2 page CV and cover letter detailing your attitude, any business skills, relevant work experience, martial arts history, a little about yourself and why you should have the opportunity. ((Sorry if we can’t get round to responding to all of you, successful respondents only will be replied to.)