Our mission at Martial Arts TV is to bring the strength and beauty of martial arts to the world. We believe that martial arts is a force for good, both in terms of helping people achieve improved physical health as well as a greater sense of personal well being.

In addition, martial arts help instil positive values of self respect, respect for others, and a disciplined, goal focussed work ethic which can easily translate to success in other areas of one’s life too.

The world of martial arts sports is constantly evolving and encapsulates a diverse spectrum, from the intense action of cagefighting where highly trained combatants battle it out, to the calm and zen like practise of Yoga and Tai Chi – and everything in between.

Further, martial arts entertainment permeates the world of animation, movies, TV drama, video games, publishing, and new media. Martial Arts TV is a dynamic media company helping shape and define new frontiers in business, media and martial arts. We believe in the positive impact martial arts can have on the world. We hope you do too.

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