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Rikki the Dwarf video game
To Buy: Text "MATV 1776"
to 80880

"Rikki the Dwarf" is a dynamic adventure game. Your task is to defeat all creatures on every level. To do this, you must smash each one with a hammer, then pick him up and throw him. The enemy will then turn into a fruit which will give you points. In order to reach the witch you must pass through the following vast regions:

  • Light Forest
  • Gloomy Swamp
  • Green Hills
  • Ice Mountains
  • Dark Forest

Each region is controlled by different enemies, which are in turn commanded by (in order): Big Toadstool, Swamp Octopus, Caterpillar, Evil Santa, and the witch Griselda. You have to defeat every enemy and Boss in order to rescue Anooshka. The game has two modes: "Once upon..." and "Smashing".

Once upon ... - is the main adventure of 5 regions with 10 levels each.
Smashing - is the challenge mode. A single level for each region is picked at random and filled with enemies. When you defeat them, more appear, and so on, until you lose all your lives. More regions will be unlocked once you pass them in the adventure mode.

To Buy: Text "MATV 1776" to 80880

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