How to Buy

  1. Check Phone Compatibility
  2. Text: "MATV & content code to 80880"
  3. You must text all the letters including spaces

1. Why my Phone needs to have GPRS activated.
GPRS allows your phone to connect to the mobile internet, and it’s via the mobile internet that we can send you your chosen media files.

Once the networks have confirmed that your handset is WAP enabled, we suggest you log onto the operator browser to confirm your WAP is working.

2. What happens when I have ordered from Martial Arts TV?
Within a few minutes of ordering you will be sent a text alert which tells you to link to a WAP page. Go to this link, by confirming you’d like to do so. You will then be asked to ‘download’, do this and save the media to your phone. You may then use however you would like on your phone.

3. Billing or Information Messages
You may receive both billing messages and information text messages from us if you order our products. You will not be billed more than the price stated in the advertising even though you may receive several kinds of messages from us.

It is necessary for us to send you information text messages to assist you in downloading products and providing you with help information. Often such information will be included within the billing messages in order to reduce the number of texts that you receive. If you request help at anytime, this information is not charged.

4. I did not receive my order
If you did not receive your product and you ordered a product that is compatible with your handset, we will resend it to you free of charge. When contacting our Customer Care department please ensure you provide your mobile number, handset type, network and product code ordered. Please check that your handset is compatible with the product you want to order PRIOR to ordering.

Please also ensure you have enough credit on your phone to pay for the entire order. We do not deliver any products until they are fully paid for. If there are severe network delays, orders can be delayed for up to 24 hours.

5. I am experiencing delays in receiving products
Normally you should receive confirmation of your order within a few seconds of ordering. There can however be network delays with the delivery of products and confirmation of billing messages. You may need to wait up to 24 hours before the product is delivered (this can occur if there is delays within the networks). Martial Arts TV Mobile will abandon any order that is not billed within 9 hours of ordering; therefore it is important for pre-pay users to ensure that you have enough credit to before ordering.

6. I received my service confirmation (WAP Push) but I lost it
This is a common problem and varies greatly between handsets. Most often than not, the message is still in your handset somewhere. Check your Service message inbox, MMS inbox, SMS inbox and any other folder in your Messages folder. Some handsets require you to go to your Bookmarks folder and may require you to make a WAP connection first.

Most WAP Push messages relating to product orders have a time limit attached to them. Often they are restricted to a validity period between 1 to 7 days.

7. What’s WAP got to do with it?
WAP related products are items that are too large to send directly to your mobile through a normal text message. Therefore we text you instructions on how to download it yourself, using the WAP facility on your mobile phone.

Not all mobile phones come with their WAP already set up. If you're not sure about whether your WAP has been set up or not, your network provider can tell you. If it hasn't, your network provider can set it up for you or you can do it yourself by referring to your manual. If you require the helpline numbers for your network provider refer to the Network help section.

In order to assist customers, we send a Service Confirmation message (WAP Push) with every order for a WAP downloaded product. In this instance you simply need to click on the Service Confirmation message and you will automatically be taken to the product ordered to download.

Not all handsets recognize Service Confirmation (WAP Push) messages so you may not receive this – don’t panic. If you receive the text confirmation but not the Service Confirmation, then you can normally download the product via WAP as above. A few certain products such as Screen Names cannot be downloaded without a WAP Push message.

Note that you have 24 hours to download your product from the time you receive the confirmation text messages and/or Service Confirmation message.

Occasionally, your network provider may not be able to connect you to our WAP site. If this happens, you'll get a message saying 'network busy' or 'cannot connect to server', in which case, just try again a few hours later.

Sometimes, the product you're trying to download is too large for your WAP settings to handle. If this happens, 'file format invalid' is the most common message you'll receive. If this does happen, you should contact your network for help. Refer to the Network Help section for contact numbers for the UK networks.

8. WAP Help
Most new handsets will support ‘richer’ products such as wallpapers, polyphonic tones, java games, animations, real tones, video streaming, etc. These types of products are too large to deliver via SMS; therefore the only way the products can be delivered to the handset is via a WAP download.

Most new phones will come with their WAP settings already set up and therefore you will probably not need to do anything. Older phones often require the user to contact the network to set-up or up-date the handsets WAP settings. The networks can do this ‘over the air’ by SMS and it takes just a few seconds. Networks are very good at helping customers with this type of problem.

We highly recommend that if you have any doubts about whether your WAP settings are configured or not, contact your network prior to ordering any products. Please see the below contact numbers for each network (correct at time of publishing):

9. How do I activate GPRS?
Simple. Call your network!

07836 191191
O2 Contract
0870 5860860
O2 Prepay
0870 5678678
0870 7330333
Orange Contract
07973 100150
Orange Prepay
07973 100451
0845 4125000
0845 6000789