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Mobile Clips - 4 EachDownload fantastic video games to your mobile phone. All games cost 4 to download and all you need to do is text "MATV + content code" to 80880 .

Karate Masters Mobile video gameKarate Masters - Code: 1774
Karate Masters is a mobile phone version of the cult game known thanks to the ancient Commodore, Atari or Spectrum.

Reaper Man Mobile video gameReaper Man - Code: 1775
You are one of Death's agents, a Grim Reaper. You have been sent to correct a disturbance in nature - four people who have managed to cheat death. Kill them.

Rikki the Dwarf Mobile video gameRikki the Dwarf - Code: 1776
Once upon a time, far far away, past dense forests, dark valleys and ten mountains, there lived a nice little dwarf on a farm - Rikki. At the edge of the meadow, days passed peacefully in perfect serenity. But not everyone was happy about that...

Rogue Lords Mobile video gameRogue Lords - Code: 1777
The days of the Empire are numbered. The Counsel realizes that the imminent death of the last Overlord of Essgert will bring war and chaos to the realm. However the dying Overlord will not let his life extinguish without one last throw of the dice.